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Kindly Contact for any type of Promotional Umbrella minimum 600 pieces upto any quantity.

Being the MD of a reputed company for umbrella suppliers we rely only on mr umbrella since they supply good quality of promotional umbrellas. Our customers thereby rely on us for the consistent quality we give them. That's we never think to shift from mr umbrellas to some other manufacturer. We get umbrellas in good price along with good quality raw material. What more we can ask for!

Our Client
Promotional Umbrellas can be made into good use for marketing, advertising and branding. Nowadays, several companies have come out with promotional umbrellas which are located on Roadsides, Restaurants and Market Places. For big companies and corporate, these umbrellas are a source of campaigning.

For these reasons it is very important that the umbrellas made for promotional purposes be of good quality and be aesthetically appealing. We are one of the major promotional umbrellas manufacturer and exporter. We have a long list of big-time players for whom we have served including Acc cement, Bacardi India, Coca Cola, Godfrey Philips India, Hindustan Times, Pepsi, Reliance, The Times of India, Titan, Dabur and Cargill India.

We offer promotional umbrellas that are made from good quality raw material which ensures durability and longevity. Since promotional umbrellas are brand-specific, they are made as per the client’s needs and demands, depending on their requirements.

We offer wide range of pattern, design and colour options for promotional umbrellas at industry leading prices.